Question Tags For Secondary School Students

Question Mark
A question tag is a short question that follows a statement.

For example: He is sick, isn’t he?

Put a comma before the question tag, and put a question mark after the question tag.


1. If the statement is positive the question tag should be negative.

For example: You are my daughter, aren’t you?

2. If the statement is negative, the question tag should be positive.

For example: you are not my daughter, are you?

More examples:

Do sit down, won’t you?

Open the window, would you?

Shut up, can’t you?

After the negative imperative we use will you?

Don’t forget, will you?

After let’s we use shall we?

Let’s have a party, shall we?

You haven't seen this movie, have you?

I'm never on time, am I?

They could kill us, couldn't they?

The tractor stop's over there, isn't it?


1. Turn the following statements into question by adding question tags:

i. They play pool table every day.

ii. He should go to school.

iii. You will teach this student.

iv. He collects used bottles.

v. His father is a national team coach.

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