Oral and Written Literature | Form Five and Six

Topic Objectives 1.  Concept of literature. 2.  Major types of literature. 3.  Relationship between language and literature. 4.  Major elements of literature. Concept of literature Literature is a work of art expressed in words, using languages creatively to express human realities. Approaches used to define literature (i)  Criteria approach This approach provide criteria that must be met by all texts so that they are called literature. (ii)  Prototypical approach which focuses on a particular good example of literature to which other examples bear resemblance. It is suggested that prototypical literary works are: - written texts, - marked by careful use of language, including features such as metaphors, well-turned phrases, elegant syntax, rhyme, alliteration and meter, - in a literary genre (poetry, prose, fiction, or drama) - read aesthetically, - Intended to be read aesthetically, - contain many weak implicatures and - are deliberately somewhat open to interpretation. The usual ap