Civics Form Four Examination 2021 1

Section A (15 Marks) Answer all questions from this section 1.    From each of the following items (i-x) choose the correct answer among the given alternatives and write its letter besides the item number in the answer booklet. i. Tanzania is the country which is led by president and other elected politicians, therefore Tanzania is: A. A monarchy     B. A communist state    C. A republic        D. Military state    E. Federal government ii. In India women are allowed to marry more than one husband, this kind of custom is referred as: A. Polygamy        B. Bigamy   C. Monogamy      D. Marriage                 E. Polyandry iii. In democratic country like United States of America: A. Law are made by president        B. The executive interpret law        C. All people are equal before the law        D. Violation of human rights is accepted   E. Sheriffs have a power to punish criminals. iv. Which category of human rights is referred as first generation of human right?

Africa and the External World | History Form Two

Early contacts with the Middle East and Far East Contacts with the Middle East and Far East began as early as 200BC. Early foreigners to visit the African coast were people from Asia including countries like Syria, Arabia, India, Burma, Thailand, China and Spice Islands. Availability of goods such as ivory, gold, animal skins and slaves was one of the motives which attracted the traders to visit the East African Coast. Social and Economic motives of contacts between Africa, the middle east and far east 1. Availability of goods such as ivory, gold, animal skins and slaves which had attracted the traders. 2. The discovery of the power of wind and its patterns i.e. the Monsoon which helped to drive their vessels across the Indian Ocean to East Africa (South West Monsoon, November, to April) and back to their home lands (North East Monsoon, May to October). 3. Development of marine technology. They could contract large dhows which enabled them to carry huge quality of goods.