Civics Form Four Examination 2021 1

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Section A (15 Marks)

Answer all questions from this section

1.   From each of the following items (i-x) choose the correct answer among the given alternatives and write its letter besides the item number in the answer booklet.

i. Tanzania is the country which is led by president and other elected politicians, therefore Tanzania is:

A. A monarchy    B. A communist state   C. A republic       D. Military state   E. Federal government

ii. In India women are allowed to marry more than one husband, this kind of custom is referred as:

A. Polygamy       B. Bigamy  C. Monogamy     D. Marriage                E. Polyandry

iii. In democratic country like United States of America:

A. Law are made by president       B. The executive interpret law       C. All people are equal before the law       D. Violation of human rights is accepted  E. Sheriffs have a power to punish criminals.

iv. Which category of human rights is referred as first generation of human right?

A. Civil and Political rights     B. Economic, social and cultural rights    C. Environmental and developmental rights D. moral rights    E. legal rights

v. currently we are living in the world which is like a single village, this situation of increasing interdependence and interconnectedness between different components of the world is known as:

A. Democracy     B. Liberalism       C. Diplomacy      D. Globalization   E. Regional integration

vi. In Kenya the president has no power to interfere with the decisions of the Supreme Court. This notion has called:

A. Prerogative mercy   B. Separation of power C. Democracy     D. Human rights          E. Decentralization

vii. In the World every society has a knowledge skills and technical ability to organize and produce things as well as how it relate with others, this aspect is termed as:

A. Material culture       B. Intellectual culture   C. foreign culture D. African culture E. popular culture

viii. A person ability to feel and share another person emotion is known as:

A. love       B. self-esteem    C. Negotiation     D. Empathy                E. coping with emotions

ix. Before 1992 Tanzanians were denied a very important basic human right. Which human right was that?

A. Vote or be voted     B. Right to work  C. Right to marry and have family D. freedom of expression E. Right to form and join associations

x. Tanzania wants to improve people’s living standards, reduce poverty, unemployment and inequalities among the people by 2025. What kind of development it wants to achieve?

A. economic development     B. scientific and technological development     C. educational development      D. social development  E. underdevelopment

2.   Match the explanations in List A with the correct elements of culture in List B by writing the letter of the correct response.

List A

List B

i. Short term lived pattern of behavior shared by member of the group

ii. A learned, shared and arbitrary system of vocals and symbols through which human being communicate.

iii. An expression which reflects the feeling, altitudes, and level of development in the society.

iv. Experience of the past that are inherited by the society and are unchangeable.

v. Deliberately formulated rules of behavior that are enforced by special authority.

A. laws

B. rules

C. customs

D. art

E. language

F. traditions

G. norms

Section B (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section

3.   Read the following passage and answer the question that follows:

A budget is annual plan designed by the government. It is a statement consists of revenues and expenditure estimates of the government for particular year. Budget aim to achieve the economic objectives of price stability, capita accumulation and economic growth, equitable distribution of income, raising revenue for government service. It is a major means by which government regulates the economy.

A budget may either be deficit, surplus or balanced. Deficit budget is the one which government expenditure is greater than revenue. Surplus budget is the one which government revenue is greater than government expenditure, where a balanced budget is when government expenditure are equal.

There are two types of budget, namely, revenue budget and capital budget. Revenue budget relates to normal income and expenditure items. Capital budget relates to development projects.

In revenue budget, the main source of public revenue are customer and exercise duty, income and corporation tax, income from states and fines. Main heads of revenue are defense, administration, education, health and collection of taxes. Loan and grants obtained by government are the main sources of income of capital budget, the main expenditure heads of capital are development projects, establishment of industrial and agricultural projects.

Budget is prepared on annual basis and is presented by finance minister before the parliament approval. When budget is approved by the parliament, then it is enforced.


a. Suggest the suitable title of the passage.

b. identify two types of budgets.

c. what are the main sources of public revenue according to the passage?

d. what are the main goals of budget as the passage prescribes?

e. what is the difference between deficit budget and surplus?

4.   With five points explain the indicator of development in Tanzania.

5.   Expose the challenges facing the health sector in Tanzania by giving five points.

6.   Briefly elaborate five methods to which you think human rights can be protected in Tanzania.

7.   If you have been chosen to deliver a speech on the negative impacts of globalization in your society, which important five impacts will you projects?

8.   As an educated person in your society, suggest and explain corrective measures that can be used to combat the outdated social cultural practices. Use five points.

9.   In five points, identify mandatory function of local government in Tanzania.

10.        Failure to obey road signs results in road accident. With five points explain the importance of obeying road signs.

Section C (45 Marks)

Answer any three questions from this section

11.        “Multi-party system is more democratic than one party system.” Use five points to clarify this statement.

12.        You are given a chance to deliver a lecture to citizens about poverty in Tanzania. Prepare arguments on effects of poverty in Tanzania.

13.        Your village government is facing complication in maintaining principles of good governance. How would you educate people in your village to know qualities of good leadership?

14.        Parliament is among three organs of state. Explain five functions of parliament in Tanzania.

Pata Majibu ya Mtihani Huu, Gusa Hapa Kuwasiliana Nami.

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