Civics Form Three Notes | Topic One Two and Three

Number 3
Civics form three has a total of three topics which are:

The first topic called 'Life Skills' deals with the various skills one must have in order to live well in his or her community. Among the insights expressed in this topic are: good leadership, self-confidence and teamwork.

The purpose of this topic is, of course, to stimulate the student to gain accurate knowledge that will enable them to live well in their community.

The second topic called 'Economic and Social Development' concerns economic and social development issues. This topic teaches the student the meaning of development, indicators of development, factors that drive development, government's contribution to development, the contribution of financial institutions to development and the contribution of private sector to development. Also, this topic ends with a variety of self-development plans and achievements.

The third topic that is the final topic for form three is called 'Poverty'. This topic is about poverty. In this topic, the student will learn what poverty means, what causes poverty and how to overcome poverty.

This topic will help students to change their attitudes about poverty and increase their fight against poverty and ultimately bring prosperity to our Tanzanian society.

This Civics Form Three Notes written by Mwalimu Makoba, are based on a simple language understood by Tanzanian readers whose English is not their first language.

A student can read these 'notes' for free on this website, but nevertheless, will be required to use internet bundle whenever he/she want to read. If a student wishes to have his / her own 'notes' and read at any time without needing to join an internet bundle, he / she is advised to purchase this notes and can be able to use without internet bundle.

I wish you a good read.

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