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Good leadership

Good leadership refer to proper leadership which adheres to the important characteristics of a good leader.
A leader is a person who guides or directs others in a group, an institution, a company, a village or a country.

Importance of good leadership

1.   Earns trust from the people by involving them in decision-making
A good leader involve people in decision making, this builds trust in people as he or she trust them, so they trust him too.
2.   Increases efficiency and effectiveness in a community
Because people like their leader, they are willing to work to reach their goals.
3.   Enhances people’s confidence
Especially when leaders are transparency and accountable to their decisions. People feel confident when they have a transparent leader. They see performance and that increases their confidence.
4.   Reduces conflicts in a community
With good leadership neither the people nor the leaders shall be involved in conflicts. The community do have proper channels to forward their problems through democratic ways based on decision making-procedures.
5.   Good leadership translates to long-term success
Success come because of high morale and a high rate of employee retention.

A team is any group of people with a common purpose. The most effective teamwork is produced when all individuals work together to achieve a common goal.
For instance, at school both teachers and student are supposed to live and work as a team. This will help in building student discipline and academic performance. 

Importance of teamwork

1.   It increase productivity
When people work together as a team, they increase productivity. For example, when farmers join and farm together, their yields increase.
2.   Teamwork improves quality
When people work as a team, the quality of the product improves because they have power which helps them to have a better product.
3.   It encourages innovation of product or services
Creativity increases as people work as a team. This is because they can contribute all together to ideas and find themselves innovating bigger things.
4.   It help students to perform better in their studies
Students who work as a team consistently perform better than others. Best example of team work at school is group discussion.

Positive relationships

Positive relationships is the state of having meaningful, loving and supportive relationships between two or more people.

Importance of positive relationships

1.   It maintain a sense of good among ourselves
When people are in a positive relationship, they feel good. For example, when one person is helped by a friend, he/she feel good and enjoy the relationship.
2.   Source of success in every area of life
The positive relationship helps people succeed because in positive relationships, people work together and help each other hence success.
3.   Help people to make right decision
People in a positive relationship are more likely to make the right decisions because their friends will advise them wisely.
4.   Positive relationships add more meaning to our life
Positive relationships enrich our life story. They fulfill our need to belong in a community and they give us a stronger sense of identity. Without this sense of belonging, we can often feel isolated and disconnected with ourselves. But once we find our place in society, we become more comfortable in our own skin.


Self-worth refers to a feeling of confidence in yourself that you are good and useful person. It’s a favorable estimate or opinions of oneself. Worth refers to how much we value something, how important it is for us and how much priority we give it compared to other things.
Self-worth is a measure of our unconditional self-love. High self-worth means loving ourselves unconditionally in all areas of our lives. To have a higher degree of self-worth, we must love ourselves even when we make mistakes.

Importance of self-worth

1.   It eliminates the possibility of committing suicide
If you love yourself, you cannot harm yourself. Lack of self-worth, has made many people commit suicide, so it is important to have self-worth.
2.   It give happy life
One who value himself/herself, lives not only a happy life but also a health one.

Self- confidence

Self-confidence is a belief in one’s own abilities to do things and be successful. People with high self-confidence typically have little fear of the unknown. They are able to stand up for what they believe in, and have the courage to risk embarrassment, such as delivering a presentation to a large group of people.

Importance of Self-confidence

1.   Self-confidence help to understand our limitations
This is important because it make us knows how to make up and find resolutions.
2.   It helps to do things that other people believe are impossible
There are people who are scared to do some things because they lack confidence, if you are confident, you can do things that seem impossible and you will succeed. For example, people felt that it was impossible to have something floating in the air like birds, but because of confident people we now have planes in the world.

Revision Questions

1.   Answer the following questions by choosing the most correct alternatives.
     I.        Teamwork can only work when_______.
A you work for your own life or husband. B you try to work for your parent’s goal. C individuals work towards accomplishing personal goals. D individuals work towards a common goal. E individuals work towards accomplishing their colleague’s goal.
   II.        The means or ways an individual can manage properly his/her life and of others is referred to as_________.
A teamwork. B life skills. C leadership. D culture. E self-worth.
  III.        _________ is limitative and willingness to serve others.
A leadership. B teamwork C self-worth D self-confidence E life skills
 IV.        The following are leadership styles except_____________
A distortional leadership. B autocratic leadership. C leissez-faire leadership. D charismatic leadership. E Democratic leadership.
  V.        The following are aspects of teamwork except______________
A integrity. B strong leadership. C goal setting. D communication. E commitment.
2.   Answer the following questions by writing True for correct statement and false for incorrect statement.
     I.        Teamwork is only found in places where there are educated people.
   II.        Good leaders always seek for leadership.
  III.        Life skills are interpersonal influence of an individual.
 IV.        Charismatic leaders are well versed in public speaking.
  V.        Autocratic leadership involves subordinates consultations
3.   Write short notes on the following terms:
a. good leadership b. teamwork
4.   Explain the importance of good leadership.
5.   Mention and explain leadership styles.

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