English Online Examination Form Four 1 2019

picha ya daraja ulaya

Endapo unataka kufanya mtihani huu ili usahihishwe na Mwalimu, zingatia mambo haya:

1. Mtu yeyote na popote alipo anaruhusiwa kufanya mtihani huu.
2. Fanya mtihani huu kwa kutumia aina yoyote ya karatasi.
3. Ukimaliza, piga picha karatasi hizo kisha zitume WhatsApp kwenye namba ya Mwalimu Makoba, 0754 89 53 21.
4. Subiri mtihani wako usahihishwe, Urudishiwe na ufanyiwe masahihisho.
5. Gharama ya mtihani huu ni shilingi 2,000/= (elfu mbili).
Namba za malipo ni: M – Pesa 0754 89 53 21 (Daud Mhuli) na Tigo pesa 0653 25 05 66 (Daud Mhuli)
“Kwa kuwa lengo la mtihani huu ni kutaka kujua uwezo na mapungufu ya mwanafunzi ili aweze kupewa mbinu mbadala za kumsaidia kufaulu mtihani wake wa mwisho, kufanya udanganyifu hakuna faida yoyote kwani lengo la mtihani si kubaini nani atakuwa wa kwanza na yupi atakuwa wa mwisho!”
It is far more honorable to fail than to cheat.
Sasa fanya mtihani wako…
Time: 2.30 hours


1. answer all questions except if there is compulsory question.
2. Write your name on every page of your answer booklets
4. For your benefit, do not cheat.

Section A (20 Marks) Comprehension and Summary

1. Read the passage below carefully then answer the questions that follow.
It was Saturday, the weather was cool. It was among the runners who were nervous. It was my first time to participate in such a famous event of the Olympic Games. In fact, it was my first time to be in Dar es salaam, especially at the National Stadium.
There stadium was full of spectators from all over the country as well as outside Tanzania. There were other runners from Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Somalia Seychelles, Malawi, Namibia, Morocco and many more. My heart was beating fast. I thought my fellow athletes could hear my heart beats. I was among the 15 marathon runners representing their countries in this great race.
I came from one of the Central regions in Tanzania called Singida, Kiomboi district.. I managed to complete and succeeded at all level from the district, region, zone and now I am representing my country Tanzania. Although I had met the minimum time set by international Olympic committee, I know that I could not do much more. However, in my heart, a voice told me that I can win. So, I did not give up.
The race started from the Airport to the National stadium. The race was to cover fifty Kilometers. An alarm to alert us was rang. We got ready, then the gun was fired and we started the race. On the way to the National Stadium, there stood men with similar jacket as landmarks. Therefore it was a matter of running, no worries of getting lost! Roads were cleared for runners.
At first we though it was an easy task. Everyone ran very slowly. After about twenty minutes, everybody increased speed. We passed by crowd of people who were waving and shouting at us. I could not hear my name. Beside the road I saw a big sign board reading 40 Km. ‘forty more to go.’ I said to myself, praying that God may help me to win the race.
Up to this point, I guess I was the 10th in race. I felt very tired, my legs were aching, my chest and throat were dry. I felt as if I was burning, I could not breath properly. However, deep inside me, something encouraged me to keep on going. I started singing silently, ‘Kikuku keep on and on and on…’ in a way, the song gave me a little more strength. In a moment, I thought blood would rush out of my ears and nostrils. Anyway, I moved forward and left some more runners behind.. another sign board read 20 Km. Ugh! I tried harder.
I was among the five marathon runners leading the race. I could read the names of their countries. They were from Kenya, Morocco, Namibia and Somalia. I knew I was the only Tanzanian: and others were now left a bit behind. A sign board read 10 Km. This was another pushy I got, there remained only 10 Km? I must do it.
Suddenly, the Kenyan sprinter increase speed and started leaving us behind. He ran as fast as an antelope. The distance between him and me was now about 100 meters or so. I made a quick decision that he should be my target. I remembered all the field exercises, climbing hills, crossing valleys etc. All of which  I had done while preparing for this event in Singida and some practices in Manyara. I had developed a technique to help me feel at ease and increase speed, even when I was tired. I had formulated a rhythm to go with my steps when running.
On the road, the spectators were shouting with excitement: Tanzania, Tanzania! Tanzania! don’t let us down… we are at home, mind you? ‘keep on make it. I decided to use a little strength I had left within as we enterd the stadium to finish the race. It was no a two people affair. We were now about 100 meters from the finishing point. I muttered myself.
The spectators on the terrace were now on their toes. The were shouting at the top of their voices. I closed my eyes, raised my arms high and dashed on. Then something smashed my chet. It was a finishing tape. When I opened my eyes, someone was holding my hand. ‘conglatulations Kikuku: you have made it: he said.


A. Choose the most correct answer from among the given alternative and writ its letter in the answer booklet provided.
I. Why was Kikuku’s heart beating fast before the race?
A. Because he knew his weakness in such a race
B. B. Bexause he was afraid of the spectators
C. Because he dad not participated in such a big race before
D. Because he was the 15th athlete in the race
E. Because he had never been to Dar es Salaam
ii. What helped Kikuku to be among the 10 leading athletes?
A. The help of his own song
B. The help of applauses of the crowd
C. The spectators who stood on their toos
D. the help of the cheers form pedestrians
E. The loud singing before other athletes
iii. What happened when the Kenyans athlete increased the speed?
A. It became easier for Kikuku to rad his country name on the t shirt
B. Kikuku used a technique to feel at ease and increade speed
C. Kikuku challenged him with his techniques
D. All other athletes made Kikuku a target
E. Kikuku ran as fast as an antelope
2. read and summarize the following passage in five sentences in a single paragraph
Drug abuse is the illegal use of drugs. It is a big problem affecting about 5% of the global population aged between 15 and 64 years. Drug abuse has negative health and social effects to an individual and society. In individuals, it can cause changes in mood as well as affecting one’s perception and mental well-being. It also contributes to the increase of crimes and destruction of individuals, families and communities.
Many governments have been fighting against the prohibited products, trafficking and uses of the illegal drugs like opium, cocaine, heroine and cannabis. That is why most of them have enacted laws to criminalize drug abuse. In some countries such as China drug abuse can lead to death penalty.
Tanzania has taken several measures to combat illegal drugs including creating a law preventing drug trafficking. There is also cooperation with other countries such as Kenya and Uganda in eliminating the problem.
In combating drug abuse it is important to first eliminate the starter drugs including creating a law preventing drug trafficking. There is also cooperation with other countries such as Kenya and Uganda in eliminating the problem.
In combating drug abuse it is important to first eliminate the starter drugs like cigarettes that lead people into the use of more dangerous illegal drugs. For example, a cigarette produces nicotine which is highly addictive.
Some organization are dedicated to eliminate addiction through prevention and rehabilitation. Thy use posters, pamphlets, CD ROMs and video to conscientize people that they can improve their life by abstaining from drugs and alcohol.
Lastly those who are already addicted are given special attention. In many countries there are rehabilitation and treatment centers for bringing the drug addicts to a situation where they are drug and alcohol free. However, this recovery plan depends mainly on the willingness of the drug addicts.

Section B 20 marks (pattern and vocabulary)

3. Re write the following sentences according to the instructions given
I. The tourist climbed higher and higher but grew more and more tired. (Begin: The higher___)
II. If the teacher explain more, the students understand well. (Begin: The more______)
III. She does not smoke as heavily as he. (Begin: He______)
IV. Your answer was not so exact as mine. ( Re write the sentence using more in place of so___as).
4. in each of the following sentences, one word is wrong. Identify the wrong word and replace it by writing the correct word.
A. Kitchen is good meat
B. His uncle is a hat surgeon.
C. May I have a peace of chalk
D. This is not a light place for you to stay.

Section C (20 Marks) Language use

5. Write a composition of not less than 250 words with the title ‘the first day to start primary school.’

Section D (40 Marks) Response to reading

From this section, answer two questions. Poetry question is compulsory.
6. read the following poem and answer the question that follow
My husband laughs at me
because I cannot dance white men dances
he despise Acol dances
He curses stupid ideas
That the dances of his people are sinful
that they are mortal sins.
I am completely ignorant
Of the dances of the foreigners
And I do not like it,
Holding each other
Tightly, tight
in public
I cannot
I am ashamed
dancing without a song
Dancing silently like a wizards
without respect, drunk….
If someone tries
To force me to dance this dance
I fill like hanging myself
Feet first!
I wish I could become
a meteorite
and I would know
where to fall!


A. What is the poem about?
B. How many stanza are in the poem?
C. Is the persona happy in this this poem? Give a reason for your answer.
D. Is the poem relevant to your society? Give a reason for your answer.
E. What is the lesson learnt from the poem
F. What type of poem is this?
G. Comment on the language used in the poem
H. What is the possible theme in the poem?
I. How many verses are in the poem?
J. What is the tone of the poem?
7. The literary work has not been completed without themes. Prove this statement by using two plays you have read. Give four points for each play.
8. Describe the main ideas of the author of the literary work in any two novel you have read. Remember to use four points for each book.

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