History 1 Form Six Examination 2024 1

A pair of black shoes down on grass.

Time: 3 Hours


1. This paper consist of seven questions.

2. Answer a total of five questions. Question one is compulsory.

3. Each question carries twenty marks.

4. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

5. Write your examination number on every page of your answer booklet.

Answer five questions, question one is compulsory.

1. Propose six ways of overcoming poverty in Tanzania.

2. Provide six reasons which made some pre colonial African societies evolve into feudal  mode of production.

3. Show how Africa was affected by the developmental gap between her and the Western Europe from the 15th century to 1960s.

4. Give reasons which made the capitalists to permit Africans to produce cash crops during colonial time.

5. Show the significance of physical infrastructural systems in the colonial economy.

6. Colonial education was nothing but education for subordination, creation of mental confusion and the development of underdevelopment. Validate that statement using six points.

7. Show how colonialism activated anti-colonial struggles in Africa.



Changing the education system.

Control population growth.

Advancement of science and technology.

Good governance.

Diversification of the economy.

Reduce dependence on foreign aids.

Topic: Pre colonial African society


Trade and exchange.

Population expansion.

Leadership of an area.

Abudance of natural resources.

Development of productive forces.

Environmental factors.

Topic: Africa and Europe in the 15th Century


Retardation of African local industries.

Exploitation of African resources.

Increase dependence of Africans on Western Europe

Africa become a dumping place for European goods.

Cultural deterioration.

Loss of sovereignty among African nations.

Topic: From colonialism to the first world war


High population

Strong political organisation

Willingness of Africans to produce cash crops.

Influence of colonial governors.

Nature of crops cultivated.

Climatic factors.


Transported raw materials from production areas to the harbours.

Transported colonial African labours.

Transported manufactured goods.

Transported colonial officers.

Jipatie Majibu yote ya Mtihani Huu, Wasiliana Nasi kwa Kugusa Hapa

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