Civics Form Four Examination 2023 1


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Time: 3 Hours


1. This paper consists of section A, B and C with a total of 14 questions.

2. Answer all questions in section A and B and three questions from section C.

3. Section A carries 15 marks; section B carries 40 marks and section C carries 40 marks.

4. Cellular phones and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

5. Write your examination number on every page of your answer booklet(s).

Section A (15 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

For each of the item (i) - (x), choose the correct answer from among the given alternative and write its letter besides the item number in the answer booklet(s) provided.

(i) The following are manual related work except

A Teaching, nursing, banking and accountancy

B Fishing, lumbering, plumbing and masonry

C Carpentry, sculpturing, fishing and livestock keeping

D Farming, quarrying, welding and fishing

E Quarrying, cart pulling, fishing and sculpturing

(ii) Form Four student named Akilimali wishes to pursue a music career while his parents prefer an academic career. What type of skills will guide Akilimali to reach an amicable agreement with his parents?

A Critical thinking skills

C Creative thinking skills

B Negotiation skills

D Friendship formation

E. Peer resistance

(iii) Which element of culture is bride price embodied?

A Customs B Beliefs C Traditions D Norms E Rituals

(iv) How are moral rights differentiated from legal rights?

Moral rights are defined in the instrument of the law.

B Moral rights are enforceable by international legal instruments.

C Moral rights deal with the freedom of worship.

D Moral rights are conceivable by way of conscience.

E Moral rights focus on social rights.

(v) At the age of sixteen Shida is married with three-month pregnancy. What health risks she will likely to face when giving birth?

A Obesity B Loss of weigh C Anemia D Phobia E Obstructed labour

(vi) Teamwork can only work when_______.

A you work for your own life or husband.

B you try to work for your parent’s goal.

C individuals work towards accomplishing personal goals.

D individuals work towards a common goal.

E individuals work towards accomplishing their colleague’s goal.

(vii) The means or ways an individual can manage properly his/her life and of others is referred to as_________.

A teamwork B life skills C leadership D culture. E self-worth

(viii) Development can be_______

A at individual and national level.

B found in the developed countries only.

C only for the personal level.

D at the national level only.

E at community level only.

(ix) Factors of economic development include_______

A land, labour and capital.

B computer and banks.

C banks and SACCOS.

D loan-giving institutions.

E none of the above.

(x) The following are the importance of SACCOS in economic development except________

A providing loans for investments.

B improving people’s living standards

C increasing the national income.

D helping the people who are self-employed.

E organizing strikes and boycotts.

2. Match the descriptions of financial institutions in List A with their corresponding terminologies in List B by writing the letter of the correct response beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.

List A

List B

(i) A community based financial organization that mobilizes funds and provide soft loans.

(ii) An organization which deals with compensation of losses and risks management.

(iii) A financial organization which protects the value of the currency and monitor exchange rates in the country.

(iv) An organization which mobilizes savings from employees and pays them after retirement.

(v) An organization which make financial transactions like buying and selling local and foreign currency.

A Bureau de change

B commercial Banks

C Social Security Funds


E The Central Bank

F The Tanzania Revenue Authority

G Insurance company


Section B (40 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

3. In which way family contribute to human right abuse? (give five points).

4. What privileges do you enjoy by being a Tanzanian citizen? (Give five points).

5. What will happen if road users fail to obey road traffic signs? (Give five reasons).

6. How does Mass Media of Tanzania promote and preserves the cultural values of Tanzania? (Give five points).

7. Briefly, explain five factors that can enhance economic development of the people in Tanzania.

8. What is the essence of preserving and promoting Tanzania traditions? (Give five points).

9. Briefly, explain why does rapid population growth delay the development of a country?

10. Write short notes on five challenges facing the provision of social services in Tanzania.

Section C (45 Marks)

Answer three questions from this section.

11. Analyse the effects of globalization to a county like Tanzania by giving five points.

12. Suppose you are the discipline master/mistress in your school and a recent report by educating quality control office indicated a dreadful situation of student's improper behavior. In five points, analyse the root causes of student’s improper behavior.

13. Basing on J.K Nyerere ideology, good leadership is one of the pre-conditions for rapid development in Tanzania. How would you characterise a good leader in your society? Give five points.

14. Asses the causes of poverty to a country like Tanzania by using five points.


(i) A

(ii) B

(iii) C

(iv) D

(v) E

(vi) D

(vii) B

(viii) A

(ix) A

(x) A

2 (i) D

(ii) G

(iii) E

(iv) C

(v) A

3 Family contribute to human rights abuse through the following ways:

First, domestic violence done in family contribute to human right abuse. Domestics violence can be giving children corporal punishment.

Also, forced marriage contribute human rights abuse as children in family especially girls are forced to marry against their will.

Furthermore, family contribute to early marriage for children under the age of 18 which is human right abuse.

Moreover, discrimination against members of the family is human right abuse. Discrimination against members of the family can take many forms, including discrimination based on gender.

In addition, parents not sending their children to school contribute to human right abuse as all people have right to education.

Finally, that is how family contribute to human right abuse. In my opinion, government should act seriously against human right abuse.

4 The following are privileges I enjoy by being a Tanzanian citizen:

As a Citizens I receive legal rights for being member to a certain country which is Tanzania.

As a citizen I am protected as a member of the country. In my country, police protect citizens.

Being a citizen, it is the legal way I am recognized as I belong to Tanzania Country.

As a citizen I gains legitimacy to involve in decisions in my country. For example, I vote for leaders and give out my opinions.

As a Tanzanian Citizen I have right to education. This education is good preparation for my future life.

In a nutshell, as a Tanzanian citizen, I enjoy the legal rights, protection, and legitimacy that come with being a member of this country. I am also grateful for the right to education, which will help me prepare for my future life.

5 If Road users fail to obey road traffic signs, the following consequence will happen:

Occurrence of road accidents. This can be caused by driver using alcohol and overspeed.

Unnecessary traffic jams can happen if road users fail to obey road traffic signs.

Loss of lives and damage to property can also occur. For example, If someone is not careful when crossing the road, they can be hit by a car and killed.

Family suffering may also be witnessed. This is due to the death or permanent disability of victims of accidents. Such disabled persons may be unable to work, hence causing the economic decline of the family.

In addition to that, the government, people and organisations will have to spend large amounts of money on medical resources to treat not only the road accident victims but also in maintenance of the damaged vehicles or in buying new ones.

To sum up, failing to obey traffic signs can have many negative consequences, such as death and an increase in road accidents. All road users must obey traffic signs to avoid these consequences.

6 Mass media in Tanzania promote cultural values in the following ways:

Documenting and preserving traditional culture. Mass media can document and preserve traditional culture through programs that showcase traditional music, dance, art, and folklore.

Promoting cultural awareness and appreciation. Mass media can promote cultural awareness and appreciation by featuring stories about different cultures and traditions.

Celebrating cultural events. Mass media can celebrate cultural events by covering them in the news, broadcasting live events, and producing documentaries.

Educating the public about cultural values. Mass media can educate the public about cultural values by producing programs that discuss these values and how they are reflected in Tanzanian society.

Promoting cultural tourism. Mass media can promote cultural tourism by highlighting the cultural attractions of Tanzania. This helps to attract visitors from all over the world, which can boost the economy and help to preserve traditional culture.

In a nutshell, mass media in Tanzania promote our cultural values in different ways such as: educating the public and celebrating cultural events.

7 Factors that can enhance economic development of the people in Tanzania are:

Land is the first factor for economic development, Land provides space where production can take place.

Labour is another factor for economic development. For example, in an industry, they need labor to get production done.

Another factor for economic development is Capital. capital is used to help produce other materials. Examples of capital are money, tools, machines and buildings.

Infrastructures: Infrastructure includes roads, railways, schools, electricity, telephones, water and others. Infrastructure is important for economic development.

In addition to that, technology is a factor for economic development. Technology helps people to make different materials such as: mobile phones and tractors for agriculture.

In conclusion, there are many factors that can enhance economic development. Capital, infrastructure, and land are just a few of them.

8 The essence of preserving and promoting Tanzania traditions are:

To have a respectable society. Our cultures have dictated respect for all people, children and elders.

Promote tourism, if we promote and preserve our culture, many tourists will come to see.

Provide employment, many people are self-employed through our cultures. For example, there are traditional singers and sculptor's maker.

Identity, culture is a tool that identifies its people. For example, the Kiswahili language identifies Tanzanians.

Inspired creativity and innovation. Promoting culture can inspire creativity and innovation. When people are exposed to different cultures, they are exposed to new ideas and perspectives.

Finally, preserving and promoting Tanzanian traditions is important because they promote tourism and provide employment.

9 Rapid population growth delay the development of a country due to the following reason:

One of the most important ways is that it puts a strain on resources. When there are more people, there is more demand for food, water, energy, and other resources. This can lead to shortages, which can in turn lead to conflict and instability.

Another way that rapid population growth can delay development is that it can lead to a decrease in per capita income. As the population grows, the amount of income that each person receives on average decreases. This can make it harder for people to afford basic necessities, such as food, shelter, and healthcare.

Rapid population growth can also lead to increased unemployment. When there are more people than jobs, it can be difficult for people to find work. This can lead to social unrest and political instability.

In addition, rapid population growth can put a strain on the environment. As the population grows, there is more demand for land, water, and other natural resources. This can lead to deforestation, soil erosion, and pollution. This can have a negative impact on the health of the population and the sustainability of the country's economy.

Last but not least, rapid population growth can make it difficult for countries to invest in development. When a country's resources are stretched thin, there is less money available to invest in things like education, healthcare, and infrastructure. This can slow down economic growth and make it harder to improve the quality of life for the population.

In conclusion, rapid population growth can delay the development of a country in a number of ways. It is important for countries to take steps to control their population growth in order to ensure that they can achieve sustainable development.

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