History 2 Form Six Examination 2023 1

A soldier lying down, ready to fire his gun.

Time: 03 Hours


This paper consist of seven questions.

Answer a total of five question, question one is compulsory.

Each question carries 20 marks.

Cellular phone and any unauthorized materials are not allowed in the examination room.

Write your examination number on every page of your answer sheet(s).

Answer five questions, question one is compulsory.

1. In six points, show the contribution of Africans in the development of capitalism in Western Europe.

2. Analyze six aims of the French Revolution of 1789.

3. Alliance systems of ‘armed camp’ in Europe were inevitable. Substantiate this statement by giving six points.

4. In six points, analyze the causes of the Chinese communist revolution.

5. Assess the impact of US relations with Japan after the second world war. (Give six points).

6. Analyze the factors leading to camp David and the Egyptian - Israel peace (1978-79) between Israel and PLO. (Give six points).

7. Discuss three reasons for Brandt report (1980) on third world poverty question and its three outcomes.

Jipatie Majibu ya Mtihani Huu, Wasiliana Nami kwa Kugusa Hapa.

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