History Form One Notes | Topic One Two Three and Four

Number 1

Form One History Notes are

Sources and importance of history is a topic that discusses the various sources we can use to get historical facts. These sources include: oral traditions, museums and archaeology. Also, this topic explains the benefits of studying History.

Evolution of man, technology and environment is a topic that discusses on how human beings evolved from a monkey like structure to what they are today. Also, this topic discusses the technological transition from stone to iron technology and other advanced technology.

Development of economic activities and their impact is a topic that discusses the development of economic activities such as agriculture and trade. This topic discusses in detail how African societies had run their economies.

The development of the social and political system is a topic that discusses how African societies governed themselves. There are societies that were based on clan organizations, and there are communities that had their own kings. Communities that ruled themselves based on age and gender, have not been forgotten in this topic.

This history notes for form one, should be carefully studied by the student in order to get the intended content. By doing so, students will be able to get knowledge which are useful for their societies and be able to pass their examination.

Also, students are advised to make self-assessment questions that are at the end of each topic. These are the questions that will make them sure if they understands what their reading or not.

These topics have used simple language that most students can understand. So it is my hope that these form one history notes will be a great help to both secondary school students and teachers.

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