Swahili Teacher in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

Learn Swahili in Dar es Salaam the way you like. if you want to be taught at home or come to school its up to you. For those who are not in Dar es Salaam, they can learn Tanzanian Swahili online using Whatsapp and skype.
Mwalimu Makoba is the best Swahili teacher who will not only teach you the Swahili language but also he will teach you the culture of his people, stories, African dances and traditional foods are part of the things you'll know. He has been teaching Swahili to foreigners for many years, also he has a bachelor degree of education having Kiswahili and History as his teaching subjects. He is a professional teacher!
Be taught by a native Swahili speaker so you can get the correct accents of this language. The origin of Swahili is Tanzania, so its pride to be taught Swahili by a Tanzanian teacher! Come alone or come with a friend and start learning.
You do not have to pay a lot of money. You pay per lesson, per hour, in cash.
If you don't have time for studying during business days, you can get taught on Saturday and Sunday.
If taught, you will have all the skills in Swahili such as speaking, writing, listening and reading.
You will be given the opportunity to learn and achieve your goals. The teacher will teach you tirelessly so that you can succeed.
Tuition cost is paid per hour: for those learning at home the cost is $9 per 1 hour. For those coming to school, (learning at school) the cost is $4 per 1 hour.
Join my class…
Or call me: +255 754 89 53 21 or +255 653 25 05 66

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