Civics Online Examination for Form Four 1 2019

msichana akieleza jambo

Endapo unataka kufanya mtihani huu ili usahihishwe na Mwalimu, zingatia mambo haya:
1. Mtu yeyote na popote alipo anaruhusiwa kufanya mtihani huu.
2. Fanya mtihani huu kwa kutumia aina yoyote ya karatasi.
3. Ukimaliza, piga picha karatasi hizo kisha zitume WhatsApp kwenye namba ya Mwalimu Makoba, 0754 89 53 21. Bofya hapa kusoma maelekezo yote.

Muda: Saa 2.30


1. There is no choice in this exam, answer all questions
2. Write your name on every page of your answer booklets
3. Unpaid exams will not be marked. (Mitihani isiyolipiwa, haitasahihishwa.)
4. Do not cheat. (Usifanye udanganyifu.)
1. For each of the items, choose the right answer among the given alternatives.
I. The best definition of nation is
A. A group of people living together in a given area.
B. A large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.
C. A group of people who have blood relations living together.
D. Is a combination of police, army and legislature.
ii. The following are the components of our nation
A. Agricultre, boundaries and parliament
B. Money, boundaries and leaders
C. Sovereignty, population and boundaries
D. Soveregnty, population and agriculture
iii. The following are the national symbol of Tanzania EXCEPT
A. National flag, national anthem, coat of arms and national housing co-operations.
B. National flag and national anthem
C. Coat arms and national language
D. National flag and coat of arms
iv. National symbols are more important in our society because:
A. They help people get employed.
B. National symbols are very important to national identity.
C. They fight against poverty in our society.
D. They help in solving different state challenges.

Section B

2. Mention two types of development and two levels of development
3. Outline five indicators of economic development

Section C

4. Tanzania is a developing country. Identify six factors for economic development in this country.
5. Explain six role of Tanzanian government in economic development.
6. Illustrate six importance of the informal sector in economic development.

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