English Examination for Form Four| Pre Necta3

English Examination for Form Four| Pre Necta3

Endapo unataka kufanya mtihani huu ili usahihishwe na Mwalimu zingatia mambo haya:

1. Mtu yeyote na kokote aliko anaruhusiwa kufanya mtihani huu.
2. Fanya mtihani huu kwa kutumia aina yoyote ya karatasi.
3. Ukimaliza, piga picha karatasi hizo kisha zitume WhatsApp kwenye namba ya Mwalimu Makoba, 0754 89 53 21.
4. Subiri mtihani wako usahihishwe, Urudishiwe na ufanyiwe masahihisho.
5. Gharama ya mtihani huu ni shilingi 2,000/= (elfu mbili) tu.
Namba za malipo ni: M – Pesa 0754 89 53 21 (Daud Mhuli) na Tigo pesa 0653 25 05 66 (Daud Makoba)
“Kwa kuwa lengo la mtihani huu ni kutaka kujua uwezo na mapungufu ya mwanafunzi ili aweze kupewa mbinu mbadala za kumsaidia kufaulu mtihani wake wa mwisho, kuangalizia majibu hakuna faida yoyote kwani lengo la mtihani si kubaini nani atakuwa wa kwanza na yupi atakuwa wa mwisho!”
Sasa fanya mtihani wako…

Section A (10 Marks)

1. Read the passage below carefully then answer the questions that follow.
In the area where water is not enough throughout the year, the farmer has to use the available materials to conserve soil moisture. The soil moisture can be preserved by using dry materials that can be applied as a carpet on the ground or plant hedges which will prevent the available moisture to be dried up by the sun especially during dry seasons.
However, care must be taken not to plant hedges which will compete with the plants for consumption of soil nutrients. The trees planted should not be too close to the plants, but just to create shading to the plants in the field.
The application of dry materials in the field, not only conserves the soil moisture, but also adds soil fertility through decaying of those materials. The decomposition of organic matters in the soil results in improving soil structure and hence high production of crops.
Apart from adding fertility to the soil, the decaying matters act as a soil cover to prevent soil erosion especially during heavy rains. It also suppresses weeds which compete with the crops in the field.
In the areas where farm manure or other fertilizers are not available, mulching materials can be the best supplement in the soil.


(a) Choose the most correct answer from among the alternatives given and write its letter in your answer booklet.
(i) When mulching material should be applied in the field?
A. During heavy rainfall throughout the year
B. When the rain or water is not available in the area
C. When different types of crops are planted in the same land
D. When the farmers do not have fertilizers
E. Throughout the year in different places.
(ii) How trees used as hedges or shades should be planted?
A. Should not be so close to the plants to avoid nutrients competition
B. Should be close to the plants to ensure shading
C. Should be planted by using manure
D. Should be planted very far from the plants
E. Should be planted with mulching materials.
(iii) Soil fertility is a result of what?
A. Decomposition of the field crops
C. Planting trees around the farm
D. Preservation of the soil moisture in the field
E. APplying manure in the field.
(iv) Why is it important to apply dry matters in the soil?
A. It adds moisture in the soil
B. It creates the room for insects
C It prevents heavy rainfall
D. It prevents sun rays
E. It improves soil fertility.
(b) Complete the following sentences with the right information from the passage.
(i) The process of decaying of organic matter involves _______________________.
(ii) Application of dry matters on top of the soil acts as a carpet to avoid
(iii) The best supplement in the soil can be ________________________.
2. Read and summarize the above passage in five sentences in a single paragraph.


3, Fill in the blank spaces with the appropriate prepositions provided. from, to, by, of
(a) I would abide __________ their decisions.
(b) The patient was suffering __________ ebola.
(c) Bongolala is afraid __________ dogs.
(d) Hawa was married __________ Selemani.
4, In each of the following sentences, one word is wrong. Identify and replace it by writing the right word.
(a) Our headmaster told us to make sure that everyone has paid the school fare.
(b) I don’t want to cat this tree today.
(c) His leg was hut when he kicked the ball.
(d) There was a red mark on her left chick.


5, Rearrange the following five sentences into a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph by writing the corresponding letter in the answer booklet provided. Use the following format for your answers.

B. On my way to the market, I met a crowd of people shouting.
A. They were shouting to the bus driver who caused a serious accident.
C. Finally, the bus driver was taken to the nearby police station.
D. One day, I was asked to go to the market by my mother.
E. Two people who were on the motor bicycle died on the spot.
6, Write a letter to the General Manager, Arusha Posho Millers P.O. Box 444 Arusha, applying for the post of an Accountant as it was advertised in the Sunday News of 21 st April, 2015. Sign your name as Mzuri Kalumekenge and your address is P.O. Box 333 Chekereni.
7, Tanzania has been losing a lot of citizens in the road accidents. Imagine you were the Minister for Home Affairs, prepare a speech of not more than 250 words on the causes of these accidents. Give eight points.


Answer two questions, one question should be selected from poetry.

8, Read the following poem and then answer the questions that follow.

Thin and red
Skinny and bald
The boy roars on the ground
Swollen stomach
Full of waste
Thin legs
Thin arms
As the boy
Fights with flies
Over the empty plate.

Ten years old
He looks older than ten
And younger than young
And so small
As he wriggles
Of his unproportioned body.

“Mother” shouts the boy
When I grow up
I will carry a gun
And not a pen
“My son” shouts the mother
You will never live to carry a gun
There is no meat for us.


(a) What is the poem about?
(b) Who is the persona?
(c) What is the mood of the persona?
(d) How many stanzas are in the poem?
(e) How many verses does the poem have?
(f) What are the possible two themes in this poem?
(g) Briefly explain the relevance of the two themes mentioned in (f) above to your society.
(h) What does the word “gun” symbolise?
(i) What do we learn from this poem?
(j) What type of poem is this?

9, “Poets like other literary artists have messages they want to convey to their readers through poems”. Discuss the statement referring to two poems you have read and appreciated. Give four
messages from each poem.

10, Choose eight characters, four from each of the two plays you have read under this section and discuss their roles to the societies.

11. With reference to any two novels you have read under this section, explain how the behaviour of some of the characters affect the welfare of the majority in society. Give four points from each novel.

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