Civics Examination for Form Four| Pre Necta2

Civics Examination for Form Four| Pre Necta2

Endapo unataka kufanya mtihani huu ili usahihishwe na Mwalimu Makoba, zingatia mambo haya:

1. Mtu yeyote na kokote aliko anaruhusiwa kufanya mtihani huu.
2. Fanya mtihani huu kwa kutumia aina yoyote ya karatasi.
3. Ukimaliza, piga picha karatasi hizo kisha zitume WhatsApp kwenye namba ya Mwalimu Makoba, 0754 89 53 21.
4. Subiri mtihani wako usahihishwe, Urudishiwe na ufanyiwe masahihisho.
5. Gharama ya mtihani huu ni shilingi 2,000/= (elfu mbili) tu.
Namba za malipo ni: M – Pesa 0754 89 53 21 (Daud Mhuli) na Tigo pesa 0653 25 05 66 (Daud Makoba)
“Kwa kuwa lengo la mtihani huu ni kutaka kujua uwezo na mapungufu ya mwanafunzi ili aweze kupewa mbinu mbadala za kumsaidia kufaulu mtihani wake wa mwisho, kuangalizia majibu hakuna faida yoyote kwani lengo la mtihani si kubaini nani atakuwa wa kwanza na yupi atakuwa wa mwisho!”
Mwalimu Makoba, Mwalimu wa Walimu na Wanafunzi.
Sasa fanya mtihani wako…


1. For each of the items (i) - (v), choose the correct answer among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklet(s).
(i) Which of the following are inscribed on the Coat of arms of Tanzania?
A. giraffe and hammer B. flag and giraffe
C. hoe and hammer D. forest and trees.
E. trees and hoe.
(ii) Before marriage men and women develop friendship, this period of friendship is called
A. courtship B. infidelity
C. early marriage D. initiation period
E. kitchen party.
(iii) The assigning of roles, tasks and responsibilities to a particular gender on the basis of fixed biases is called.
A. gender analysis B. gender bias
C. gender mainstreaming D. gender blind
E. gender stereotyping.
(iv) Inadequate provision of food, shelter, clothing and access to clean water is an indication of
A. poverty circle B. absolute poverty
C. relative poverty D. income poverty
E. poverty line.
(v) The rural authority of the local government consists of
A. ward, town and municipal councils B. town, municipal and city councils C. district, municipal and city councils
D. village governments, ward governments and district councils
E. village councils, town councils and city councils.


2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.
Historically the question of human rights has been constantly attracting International attention. In different places all over the word Tanzania included, human rights are being violated at different levels ranging from the central government itself, local government, public institutions such as court and police, society and even at the level of the family and religion to mention few. Due to ignorance caused by lack of information and poverty, the victims of human rights do not know that they are violating them.
To combat the problem of violating human rights in Tanzania appropriate measures need to be taken.
The first alternative is the on-going improvement of human rights education to the entire public. All citizens should be educated on human rights. Authorities such as police, people’s militia, executives, members of the parliament, councillors, teachers, employers and parents should know human rights.
The second steps is to know where to go when human rights are violated. In most cases violations occur to individuals. The court system and the police are the major organs that protect human rights.
However, these organs may not help if human rights education is not provided. There is a need to form local human rights groups which will serve well even when an individual alone cannot get his/her rights. Such groups can be formed by students, women, workers, villagers or professionals, disabled, retired employers etc.
These groups will serve as regulators when any person or group is denied his/her rights. They will have a strong and common voice against any violation. This behaviour will enable even law enforcers
such as police, tax officers, magistrates and judges to be careful when doing their duties. This will ensure and enhance the commitment of lawyers and judges to interpret the laws accordingly.


(a) Suggest the suitable title for the passage.
(b) According to the passage, name two violators of human rights in our society.
(c) In the contest of this passage, outline two strategies that can be used to protect human rights in Tanzania.
(d) In your views, what do you think is the role of the judiciary in protecting human rights in Tanzania? Give two points.
(e) Point out two negative effects of human rights abuse.

3. A. Outline five roles of government in Tanzania.

B. Briefly explain five importance of culture.


4. A government can be democratic or non democratic. In the light of this statement, examine six differences of democratic and non democratic government.

5. Show how a responsible Tanzanian citizen can contribute to the welfare and prosperity of the country by giving six points.

6. Depending on how you practice it, globalization can be a blessing or denunciation. By using six points, show the advantage and disadvantage of globalization in a developing country like Tanzania.

Majibu ya mtihani huu yanapatikana kwa sh. 1,000 (Elfu Moja) bofya hapa kuwasiliana na Mwalimu.

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