History Examination for Form Four| Pre NECTA| 26 May 18

History Examination for Form Four| Pre NECTA| 26 May 18

Endapo Unataka Kufanya Mtihani Huu ili Usahihishwe na Mwalimu Makoba, Zingatia Mambo Haya:

1. Mtu yeyote na kokote aliko anaruhusiwa kufanya mtihani huu.

2. Fanya mtihani huu kwa kutumia aina yoyote ya karatasi.

3. Ukimaliza, piga picha karatasi hizo kisha zitume WhatsApp kwenye namba ya Mwalimu Makoba, 0754 89 53 21.

4. Subiri mtihani wako usahihishwe, Urudishiwe na ufanyiwe masahihisho.

5. Gharama ya mtihani huu ni shilingi 2,000/= (elfu mbili) tu.

Namba za malipo ni: M – Pesa 0754 89 53 21 (Daud Mhuli) na Tigo pesa 0653 25 05 66 (Daud Makoba)

“Kwa kuwa lengo la mtihani huu ni kutaka kujua uwezo na mapungufu ya mwanafunzi ili aweze kupewa mbinu mbadala za kumsaidia kufaulu mtihani wake wa mwisho, kuangalizia majibu hakuna faida yoyote kwani lengo la mtihani si kubaini nani atakuwa wa kwanza na yupi atakuwa wa mwisho!”

Mwalimu Makoba| Mwalimu wa Waalimu na Wanafunzi| Mwalimu wa Ushindi!

Sasa fanya mtihani wako...

Answer all questions

Use 2.30 hours

1. For each of the items (i) (v), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.
i. ___ is an importance of studying history.
A. Awareness of the past
B. Promoting arts
C. To know how our body functions
D. Understanding human rights
ii. During the middle stone age, which of the following was gathered by man in his process of obtaining food?
A. Beans
B. Maize
C. Fruits
D. Cassava
iii. How Man Obtained Food during the Middle Stone Age
A. Through cultivation of food crops
B. From animal fresh only
C. Digging down roots only
D. By hunting wild animals, gathering wild fruits and digging up roots.

iv. The Displacement of Africans from their native land that resulted from the Dutch settlement at cape led to ___
A. Land alienation
B. Family separation
C. Social insecurity
D. Loss of properties

v. The exchange of trading items during early contact was highly based on___
A. Unequal exchange
B. Fierce competition
C. Local exchange
D. Fair trade

Section B

2. (a) Draw a sketch map of Africa and locate by using roman numbers:
(i) A country whose independence sharpened the continent-wide struggle for independence.
(ii) A country in which Biafra war occurred.
(iii) A Portuguese colony which attained her independence under the leadership of Augostino Neto.
(iv) A country in which the Organization of African Unity was formed.
(v) The canal built by the colonists to facilitate voyages to and from India and the Middle East.
(b) outline five features of colonial economy

Section C

3. Explain six significance of studying History
4. During the middle stone age, man discovered fire. Discuss six advantage of fire to human life during that time.
5. How legitimate trade was illegitimate in West Africa?
Prepared by Mwalimu Makoba

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