English Examination for Form Four| Pre Necta 3

English Examination for Form Four| Pre Necta| 12 May 18

Endapo Unataka Kufanya Mtihani Huu ili Usahihishwe na Mwalimu Makoba, Zingatia Mambo Haya:

Mtu yeyote na kokote aliko anaruhusiwa kufanya mtihani huu.

Fanya mtihani huu kwa kutumia aina yoyote ya karatasi.

Ukimaliza, piga picha karatasi hizo kisha zitume WhatsApp kwenye namba ya Mwalimu Makoba, 0754 89 53 21.

Subiri mtihani wako usahihishwe, Urudishiwe na ufanyiwe masahihisho.

Gharama ya mtihani huu ni shilingi 2,000 (elfu mbili) tu.

Namba za malipo ni: M – Pesa 0754 89 53 21 na Tigo pesa 0653 25 05 66

“Kwa kuwa lengo la mtihani huu ni kutaka kujua uwezo na mapungufu ya mwanafunzi ili aweze kupewa mbinu mbadala za kumsaidia kufaulu mtihani wake wa mwisho, kuangalizia majibu hakuna faida yoyote kwani lengo la mtihani si kubaini nani atakuwa wa kwanza na yupi atakuwa wa mwisho!”

Mwalimu Makoba| Mwalimu wa Waalimu na Wanafunzi

Sasa fanya mtihani wako...


1. Read the passage below carefully and then answer the questions that follow.
Coming from the background I came from is fundamentally what actually made who I am today, I learnt so many life lessons which Am afraid that my children might miss.
I remember when I was still very young, one of our neighbours we had was mid class fam, at some point the father of that house was so so sick. There was not many friends and relatives who showed up for caring & comforting, even his closest family members like brothers & sisters. No one really paid attention. Very sadly that dad died after stuggling for his life, leaving behind 4 orphaned children
During the funeral, we saw things yooh. A lot of people came through, some travelled from very far, cows and goats were slaughtered, people ate and drunk, expensive things were bought, so many cars packed outside. Everything was on point... like propeeer.
After the burial, things were never the same for the orphans, no one paid for their school fees, now they dropped out of private schools and started going to public school, their life was miserably bad, no food, no new clothes, no happiness, nothing... and no one cared
Same applies for most African communities... Am telling you, your hommies, your true friends & close relatives will be last people to support your dreams & hustle. People will back u up in silly things but not important stuff, they will fundraise so much money for your wedding, send-off and kitchen party or kigodoro even BD party. But when you need money for business, everyone is broke. The moment you say you need money for your CPA or masters, everyone runs away. Its a tragedy!


i. After the burial things were never the same to the orphans because:
A. They were sad about losing their parents
B. Their house were taken by bank
C. No one paid for their school fees
D. None of the above
ii. What is the synonym of the word background
A. Joke
B. Funeral
C. Personal history
D. Pleasure
iii. Complete the following sentences with the right information from the passage.
A lot of people came through, some travelled from very far
2. Summarize the story you read above in five sentences in a single paragraph.


3. Choose the correct word from the given list below to fill in the blanks in the following sentences:

whose, that, any, whichever, him, I, me, who

(a) My teacher gave me and ___________ the homework.

(b) ___________ of you can do this assignment.

(c) Mwasiti is taller than __________.

(d) My father and __________ are leaving to Europe tonight.

(e) I know the girl __________ left a message for you.

(f) __________ handwriting
is this?

(f) This is the girl __________ I talked about.

(g) I shall give you __________ you like.


8. Rearrange the following five sentences into a logical sequence to make a meaningful paragraph by writing the corresponding letter in the answer booklet provided.
A. Get used to floating. When you're in the water, hold on to the side of the pool or a dock, and let your legs float out behind you.
B. Your ready to go, start swimming.
C. Let go of your fear. A lot of people put off learning how to swim because they're afraid of drowning.
D. Practice exhaling underwater. While you're still in a shallow depth, take a deep breath and put your face underwater.
9. Write an official letter telling your boss that you wont go to office because your very sick.


10. Read the following poem then answer the questions that follow:

How is development
To be brought brother
When the people to whom
We have entrusted power
Are corrupt?

I plead the stomachs of the privileged few
Greater than the Rift Valley;
They cannot be satisfied
With a normal share
I plead the thirst
OF the minority
Greater than that of the Sahara;
No rains can satisfy it
The majority plead
But brother
How development is to come?
(a) What is the poem about?
(b) Is the persona happy in this poem? Give reasons.
(c) How many stanzas are there?
(d) What are the possible two themes in this poem?
(e) Show the relevance of the themes portrayed in this poem to your society.
(f) Who is the persona in this poem?
(g) What type of poem is this?
(h) What is the message that is carried by this poem?
(i) How many verses are in the poem?
(j) Comment on the language use in this poem.
11. Suggest lessons which can be drown from the two plays you have read under this section. Give four lessons from each play.
12. Discuss the position of woman in the society by using two novels you have read. Four points for each book.

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