Civics Examination For Form Four| Pre Necta| 24 Mar. 2018

Section A 20 Marks
1. Choose the correct answer among the given alternative

i. The elephant tusk on the coat of arms represent
A state power B natural resources
C national prestige D peoples power
E national freedom

(ii) Which of the following is NOT a correct characterization of the informal sector in Tanzania?

A lack of permanent business premises
B business activities are regulated by taxation laws
C employees lack social security protection
D employees have little job security
E employees’ wages are often low.

(iii) A gift that is given to the bride or her parents by the future husband in consideration for marriage is called

A inheritance B engagement ring
C dowry D a wedding present
E a souvenir.

(iv) When local governments enact laws in their areas of authority, the laws are called

A Standing orders B Local government order
C Bills D Manifesto
E By laws.

(v) A condition whereby individual rights are restricted to safeguard the rights of other people is known as

A protection of human rights B execution of the natural justice
C the rule of law D limitation of human rights E violation of human rights.

SECTION B (20 Marks)

Answer all questions in this section.

2. Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions that follow.

Suicide is one of the critical problems of adolescent today. This disastrous act is committed for
different reasons. Some adolescents often feel that death is the only way out of intolerable situations.

Those terminally ill and those incapacitated by serious illness or injuries commit suicide to avoid
further pain. Yet others commit suicide to draw attention, to teach those who hurt them a lesson and
to punish themselves for the shame they might have caused to others.

Most adolescents who commit suicide do so as a reaction to previous distressing events. Such
common events include conflicts within the adolescent’s families, their failure to live up to the
parents’ or guardians expectations and the adolescent’s failure to develop adequate interpersonal
relationships within their families. These events often leads to suicide signals such as threatening to
commit suicide or displaying actual tendencies to suicide and serious suicide attempts whereby the
adolescent survives or leads to actual suicide.

The signals of suicide among adolescent include previous attempts, threat to commit suicide, feelings
of alienation and loneliness and the presence of mental illness especially depression. Other signals are
lack of adequate impulse control, unexpected severe and prolonged stress and negative emotions.

(a) Provide a suitable title for the passage.
(b) What is the attitude of some adolescents towards death?
(c) Mention any two factors from the passage that compel some of the youth to commit suicide.

3. List down five components which make Tanzania a nation.

Section C (60 Marks)

4. Discuss six challenges of globalization in Tanzania.

5. As an educated community member, discuss six effects of road accidents.

6. Most African people and government are poor. Explain briefly, six causes of poverty.

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