History Annual Examination for Form One| Past Papers

History Annual Examination for Form One
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1.   This paper consists of sections A, B, C and D.
2.   Answer all questions
3.   Cellular phones and calculators are not allowed in the examination room.

1.   For each of the items (i) to (v), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.
i.             The following are sources of History except:
A.  Archaeology and Museums B.          Oral traditions and historical sites C. Stone and spears D. Written records and archives
ii.            This is a historical site in our country
A.  Kilwa B. Lindi C. Singida Manyoni D. Dar es Salaam
iii.           .................... is the family from which man evolved
A.  Zinjanthropus B. Homo Habilis C. Primates D. Homo Sapiens
iv.          What was the achievement of man during the late Stone Age?
A.  Discovered fire and ate cooked food B. Started walking upright using forelimbs C. Made and used pebble and chopping tools. D. Started walking on all four limbs.
v.           Which one among the following factors contributed to the rise of states in Africa?
A.  Low level of productive forces B. Presence of chartered companies C. Hunting and gathering activities D. Availability of iron technology.
2.   Match the items in List A with the responses in List B to make meaningful sentences by writing the letter of correct response beside the item number.
i.             Age-set system
A.  Originated from the word Kutema
ii.            Ntemiship
B.  History
iii.           State organization strong leader
C.  Clan organization
iv.          Kinship or
D.  Maasai
v.           Deal with the past so as to shape the future
E.  Usman Dan Fodio

F.   Organizations

G.  Societies practices

3.   Write T for the true statement, and F for the wrong one
i.             Children group aged 0-8 years were regarded as non producers group.
ii.            Youth group 8-18 years their main responsibility was to graze animal, trading young animals and milking cattle they were assisted by women.
iii.           Laibons this is the group of elders aged 40 years and above it consisted of elders who were divided in groups namely; prime elders; Elders and senior elders.
iv.          A state is any politically organized community living under a multiple complicated system of government.
v.           A form one student cannot study History because he/she is not matured enough.

4.   Draw and name the tools used during Old Stone Age.

5.   Explain how agriculture changed man’s life.

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