Geography Form One Annual Examination| Nov 2017| Past Papers

Geography Form One Annual Examination| Nov 2017| Past Papers
Paper created by Dioddone Familia

1.   Answer all questions.
2.   Cellular phones and calculators are not allowed in the examination room.
3.   Read the instruction carefully before attempting the questions.

1.   i. The branch of Geography that deal with various economic activities
a.   Practical Geography
b.   Human and economic Geography
c.   Physical
ii. The following are branches of Geography except:
a.   Practical
b.   Botany
c.   Physical
iii. The arrangement of planets and other heavenly bodies
a.   Equinox
b.   Solstice
c.   Solar system
iv. The 2006 it was disqualified of being a planet by astronomers
a.   Mars
b.   Asteroids
c.   Pluto
v. which type of mountain is formed due to prolonged denudation
a. Volcanic mountain
b. Residual mountain
c. Block mountain
2. Write true or false against the following statements:
i. The longitude zero is called equator………………..
ii. Climate is the atmosphere condition recorded for a long period of time………..
iii. Mountains, valleys, basin, plateau are the continental features……………….
iv. Indian Ocean is the first largest ocean in the world……………………….
v. Absolute and relate are two types of humity……………………..
4.      a. if it is 07.00 pm at Mombasa 33˚E, what will be the time at Mumbai 50˚W?
b. What is Geography.
c. Write four importance of learning Geography.
5. Write short notes on the following
i. solar energy.
ii. Asteroids.
iii. Season.
iv. Mountains.
v. Land and sea breezes.
6.      a. Mentions the types of mountains and explain them
b. Mention seven continents of the world.
7. List six evidences that the earth is round.

8. List the types of scales and prove them with examples to their differences.

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