Form Three History Annual Examination| Past Papers

Form Three History Annual Examination| Past Papers
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1.   This paper consists of sections A, B, C and D.
2.   Answer all questions
3.   Cellular phones and calculators are not allowed in the examination room.

SECTION A (10 marks)
1.           For each of the items (i) to (v), choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and write its letter beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.
i.             Why some areas experienced more intensive scramble than others?
A.  Availability of money in the colonies
B. Presence of weak armies
C. Availability of natural resources
D. They were source of historical knowledge
ii.            The following were the resolutions of Berlin Conference
A.  To abolish slave trade in their colonies
B. To introduce Capitalism in their colonies
C. To fight poverty in Africa
D. To make sure that, each nation have it’s own national anthem
iii.           This is the causes of African reaction EXCEPT
A.  Land alienation
B. Taxation
C. Oppression and humiliation
D. Introduction of neo – colonialism in their colonies
iv.          The Berlin Conference of ……………….. was a meeting between European nations to create rules on how to peacefully divide Africa among them for colonization.
A.  1883 – 84
B. 1884 – 85
C. 1882 – 85
D. 1884 – 86
v.           ……………….. refers to a situation whereby strong nations dominate weak ones economically, politically, militarily or culturally.
A.  Exploitation
B. Oppression
C. Seggregation
D. Colonialism
SECTION B (20 marks)
2.           Match the stems in List A with the correct responses in List B by writing the letter of the correct response beside the item number in the answer booklet provided.
i.             This is a colonial system of administration, whereby, African traditional rules were involved in administering their fellow Africans.
A.  Assimilation policy
ii.            The Europeans did not want to interfere with the African traditional systems of administration.
B.  Motive for application of association policy
iii.           It prevailed in the colonies after the failure of the assimilation policy.
C.  Motive for application of assimilation policy
iv.          This was a colonial system of administration whereby the colonies were governed by Europeans officials at the top position, Arabs Akidas and Liwalis were at the bottom. 
D.  Direct rule
v.            The French used this term to refer to a system of administration that aimed at creating French Black Africans among the West Africans who would be French citizens.
E.  Indirect rule

F.   Motive for application of indirect rule

G.  Motive for application of direct rule

H.  Association policy

 SECTION C (30 marks)
3.           Give short answers to the following questions:
i.             Explain the meaning of colonial economy.
ii.            Mention four tactics used to create colonial labour.
iii.           Sketch maps of different of Africa nations indicating colonial transport systems and mining areas.
SECTION D (40 marks)
4.           Analyse critically the tactics used to establish the colonial economy.

5.           With vivid examples discuss the objectives of colonial education.

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