How to Write History Essays: For Form Three and Four Students

Writing an essay in History subject is not difficult. No reason to fail in essay writing. If you’re facing some problems in essay writing, then, read this article.


History essays have three main parts which are:
1.     Introduction
2.     Main body
3.     conclusion


This is the first part of the essay. It helps to make clear what your essay is all about. If you fail at this part, your whole essay will be a waste of time.


You have to define the keyword. Do not worry, I will show you an example. Keep on reading.
After definition you need to show the participants, periodize what you’re writing about, and show the reasons behind that event.


This is the main part of your essay. It must have topic sentence, point, explanation and an example. Do not worry, I’m going to show an example, keep on reading.


This is the ending of your essay. In conclusion, you have to write a summary of your answer.
Now look at this example:
Discuss six reasons for the rise of Majimaji war in Tanganyika.
Majimaji war was the popular African active resistance against colonialism. It was waged by Africans against the Germans in 1905 – 1907. Africans fought this war to end exploitation. The discussed below are the reasons for the rise of this war.
Compulsory cotton growing caused Majimaji war. Germans were in highly need of raw material, as a reason, they forced the Africans to cultivate cotton, this caused misunderstanding as Africans were not ready for it. For example, people of Southern Tanganyika rejected the order and joined themselves to fight.
Also, forced labour made Africans angry against the colonial govornment. Africans were forced to work in plantations and railway construction. They rejected this and decided to fight.
Another reason for the emergence of the war was taxation. Africans were forced to pay three rupees as tax. In order to get the money, they were supposed to work in plantation. This situation brought discontents hence the eruption of the war was inevitable.
Then, land alienation disliked by Africans. Germans took all the fertile land and left Africans with unfertile land. This made Africans unite to return their lost land, as it was better to die fighting than to remain landless.
All in all, low wages made African fought. Low wages failed to fullfill their basic needs in the colonial system. The best way they used to express this was the fight.
Despise of African traditional cultures by the missionaries. Europeans ignored many of the African cultures like: Traditional dances, jando na unyago, and Africans religions. Africans were not ready to tolerate this. The solution was the establishment of the war.
To sum up, Africans were defeated in the war. But it was a lesson to the Germans and all white men that, Africans were not ready to be colonized. They wanted to be free, and they were not ready to abandon their culture.

An Example from Real Paper Done by a Student

A paper written history essay using hand.
An example of history essay written by a student. Page 1

An example of history essay written by a student. Page 2

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