Economic Advantages of Archaeology in Tanzania

Archaeology is an asset which when used can benefit a country economically. The following are the economically potential of archaeology in Tanzania.
Cultural tourism. Tanzania has many archaeological sites which bring economic benefits. Examples of those sites are: Zanzibar, Bagamoyo, Mount Kilimanjaro, Laetoli and many others. People from different countries visit Tanzania to see our archaeological attractions. Tourists pay money as a result a country benefit by getting foreign currency which when used propely can bring development of a country.
In addition to cultural tourism, Tanzania and Tanzanias can benefit through selling of casts. Casts are made by animals and hominid remains. Those casts can bring money in exchange.
Employment. Archaeology provides job opportunity to people. Example, many Tanzanians are employed as surveyers, researchers and teachers. All of these people are paid money, hence economic advantage.
Archaeology influence development of other sectors. The first sector is transport and communication. For example, in Bagamoyo there is Caravan Serai which attracts many tourists within Tanzania and out of Tanzania, in order for those tourists to reach those archaeological sites, roads and other infrastructures like airports are supposed to be made to help those tourists reach the area easily. So, archaeology has helped many historical towns to have good infrastructures. Also, archaeology helps growth of agricultural sector through land planning. All of these are economic benefit that Tanzania is getting.
Archaeology in some places is used for housing. For example, Mji Mkongwe in Zanzibar is used as government offices. Through having government offices at those archaeological sites, the government reduce the cost which would be used to build other expensive houses at different places.

To sum up, archaeology has many economic potential in Tanzania. Although in some extent the government is passive in investing on archaeological researches, the importance of archaeology is benefiting the whole nation. Many developed countries like Frances, get a lot of money because they have invested in their archaeological attractions. Tanzanians policy makers are supposed to promote archaeological remains for the development of nation economically.

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