Time; 1.30 hours
Answer all questions
1.   A. differentiate between
i.             Color and dispersion of colour
ii.            Primary colour and secondary colour. Give example for each.
iii.           Additive colour mixing and substractive colour mixing.
B. complete the following
   i. Red + green =
   ii. Blue + green =
    iii. Blue + red =
iv.          Cyan + red =
v.           Cyan + magenta =
2.   A. i. Mention types of lens
ii. Define (a) Optical centre
                   (b) Focal length
B. An object 2cm high, is placed 24cm from the converging lens. An erect image which is 6cm high is formed. Determine the image distance.
    3. A. define optical instrument, give five examples
B. compare and contrast between human eye and lens camera
C. A compound microscope consists of two lenses of a focal length 12cm and 6cm for the objective lens and the eye piece lens respectively. the two lenses are separated by a distance of 30cm. the microscope focused so that the image is formed at infinity. Determine position of the object.
4. A. Define thermal energy.
B. State any five source of thermal energy in everyday life.
C. Differentiate between heat and temperature
5. A. state the Archimedes Principle.
B. A piece of sealing was weighs 0.27N in air and 0.12N when immersed in water. Calculate;
i. Its relative density
ii. Its density


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