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Colonial Administrative System | History Form Three

Colonial administration were the ways which used by the colonial power to administer the colonies during the colonial rule in Africa. The Concepts of Direct Rule, Indirect Rule, Assimilation and Association Indirect Rule Indirect rule was an administrative system which was used by the British to administer the colonial subjects and colonies through the use of traditional chiefs and kings. British used this ruling system. Indirect rule was pioneered by Sir Fredrick John Lugard who was the British High Commissioner to Nigeria in 1890. Direct Rule This was a colonial system of administration whereby the colonies were governed by Europeans officials at the top position. In Tanganyika, the government ruled through the agents called Akida and Jumbes. Jumbe and Akidas, collected taxes, administered laws and prepared people for economic development. Assimilation Policy Assimilation policy was an administrative systems which absorbed the Africans into the citizens

Establishment of Colonialism | History Form Three

Colonialism Is the practice by which a powerful country directly controls less powerful countries and uses their resources to increase its own power and wealth. Scramble for and Partition of Africa Scramble is a competition among European powers to obtaining colonies. Partition: This was a process of dividing colonies to their respective colonial masters. This acts as a solution for the scramble of Africa. Periodisation: Scramble for Africa started more in 1870s while involving different European countries. Causes of the Scramble for Africa Leading to Partition 1.    Prestige (pride) of the nations European nations scrambled for the colonies because it was prestige for a country having many colonies. Also, it was considered as a sign of power. 2.    Industrial Revolution The revolution led to the demand of raw materials from Africa hence competition among the European nations to obtain many colonies as possible in Africa. Industry needed: Area for investment, r