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Evolution Of Man, Technology and Environment

Evolution means the changes that occur in a population over time. In ths definition, a “population” means a group of the same species that share a specific location and habitat. Evolutionary changes always occur on the genetic level. In other words, evolution is a process that results in changes that are passed on or inherited from generation to generation. It does not, for example, describe how people can change their muscle mass by lifting weights. Two theory explain about the origin of man . The first is the theory of evolution of man and the theory of creation of man. Theory of evolution of man By using fossils, archaeologists agree that man originated from a family of primates like monkeys, chimpanzees and gorillas. Man passed through four stages of evolution: 1.  Primates - They began more than 30 millions years ago. - Their first group was called dryopithecus or proconsul which became an ancestor of the apes like monkeys, chimpanzees and gorillas. - The second