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Promotion of Life Skills | Civics Form Three

Good leadership Good leadership refer to proper leadership which adheres to the important characteristics of a good leader. A leader is a person who guides or directs others in a group, an institution, a company, a village or a country. Importance of good leadership 1.    Earns trust from the people by involving them in decision-making A good leader involve people in decision making, this builds trust in people as he or she trust them, so they trust him too. 2.    Increases efficiency and effectiveness in a community Because people like their leader, they are willing to work to reach their goals. 3.    Enhances people’s confidence Especially when leaders are transparency and accountable to their decisions. People feel confident when they have a transparent leader. They see performance and that increases their confidence. 4.    Reduces conflicts in a community With good leadership neither the people nor the leaders shall be involved in conflicts. The commun